What is Detailing?

What is Detailing? - Sydney Premium Detailing explains how its important to maintain your cars finish

Most will relate car detailing to your typical low-cost high-volume wash and wax type car wash café which is aimed at the general time constrained people who just want a clean car. These days there are more increased amount of boutique and professional detailers offering a premium service to customers who want more – a car that looks better than when it rolled out from the factory, gleaming and glossy. A lot of these services take more time, finesse and a greater degree of skill and experience, meaning they may cost a little more, but the results will usually always speak for themselves.

This type of detailing comes with specialist techniques and services such as paint correction and the use of safer and higher quality products and tools for exterior and interior protection including paint protection and even clear protection film (PPF).

The term car detailing is often understood in many ways, some consider this to be something they do on the weekend when they wash’n’wax their car. Others may look at it as an entire day set aside to clean and protect their car from inside out, however as these may be ‘detailing’ your car this type of detailing would be more your weekly or monthly maintenance.

However Car Detailing term is commonly loosely used in the industry so it can add to the confusion for many of us. There are many variations as there are many options of what we’re able to offer both for you and your car – like people, your car is an individual and every cars interior and paint condition is different. Generally, we assess every car physically to have an understanding what you would like completed and most importantly assess the paintwork condition including paint depth and what we’re able to offer for you. This could involve a simple decontamination, protective product for further gloss enhancing such as a carnauba wax, polymer sealant or paint protective type coating such as a sio2, glass or ceramic coating. If the paintwork requires more attention which is more common these days, it could be a small amount of polishing required or even intensive polishing to help remove marring, scratches, holograms, swirls and imperfections to enhance the gloss, clarity and depth on the paintwork.

Sydney Premium Detailing is GYEON quartz & XPEL Certified & Trained, this allows us to provide Certified only products such as Q² DuraFlex, Q² MOHS+ and Q² Durabead to our customers. These professional series of GYEON quartz’ coatings are often 2 part provide increased gloss, hardness and protection for your vehicles paintwork and all come with warranty and require infrared lamp to cure.

We can also protect your paintwork further with use of XPEL or Suntek Paint Protection Film, sometimes known as stoneguard, clearguard or clearshield. These films are clear and are applied to high impact areas of your paintwork to prevent stone-chip, road debris, bug splatter, bird droppings and other contaminants from damaging your vehicles paintwork. In fact we can wrap your whole car in XPEL to protect it from all elements in its daily life.

Our Detailing Studio is located in Castle Hill, North West of Sydney and is conveniently located within public transport access. We are also able to offer a loan vehicle (if booked in advanced and available) to help ease any difficulty of losing your vehicle during its transformation and protection stage of its life when with us.

All our services are carried out by highly trained & certified technicians with the latest detailing tools from RUPES, Festool and Flex. We also have custom lighting bays fitted with lifts that allow us to raise any vehicle to a working height to enable us to work comfortably ensuring no areas are missed or overlooked. In addition, we carry infrared heating lamps; these IR lamps are used to cure our ceramic coatings prior to your collection to their full hardness and protection levels.

Security & trust is paramount at Sydney Premium Detailing, we are fully insured and have alarm systems & patrols in place for peace of mind for you when your vehicle is with us.

If you are looking for Sydney’s most trusted, experience and trained detailer, look no further than Sydney Premium Detailing.

Any questions, queries or quotations please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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