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GYEON quartz Q² MOHS+, Q² DuraBead and Q² DuraFlex are state of the art ceramic coating systems that simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of your vehicles paint. Put very simply, it is the most advanced paint protection system in the world today, and is backed by a 5 year warranty provided by GYEON quartz and supported throughout the Certified GYEON quartz Detailer Network in Australia and Globally.

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Certified & Authorised GYEON quartz

We are Certified & Authorised GYEON quartz Detailers giving us the ability to provide you with their professional series of Ceramic Coatings and range of services for your vehicle. This includes their recent Silizane Coating which is one of the hardest automotive coatings available on the market!

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Ceramic GYEON Quartz Paint Protection

Whilst our Detailing Services use the finest selection of products from beginning to end on every car we work on, sometimes our clients require the very best, the most durable and the hardest wearing protection we can provide. Our GYEON quartz treatments have become the go-to choice of protection to finalise any of our Detailing Service options. Glass like sharp glossy finishes, water-hating (hydrophobic & hydrophilic) properties and a full chemical resistance allowing a regular decontamination (e.g. removing contaminants) to be carried out with no harm being caused to product or its performance – GYEON quartz coatings are, quite simply, the latest advancement in automotive protection and continue to improve each year. At Sydney Premium Detailing, we are GYEON quartz Authorised & Certified Detailers and have continuously used their products since the start of our detailing journey. Our Certified treatments are supplied with a limited new car 5-year manufacture warranty against loss of gloss, chemical and UV damage (MOHS+, DuraFlex & DuraBead only) to ensure your vehicle will continue to look its best for years, not weeks, and can be installed only on the vehicles paintwork or onto every exterior and interior surface you choose.

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Q² Pure combines two crucial qualities of a great coating– a very high level of gloss and extreme
durability. While offering durable and highly chemical resistant protection against all types of environmental impact, fantastic depth and pure candy gloss are the key strengths of the coating. Q² Pure surprises with its glass-like-gloss, being a worthy rival to quality natural waxes. Your paint work it first washed using the two bucket method. We then decontaminate the paintwork using a clay bar. Paint is then machine polished to give us a good base for coating.
Coating is then applied and cured.

Pricing below does include 2 hours of machine polishing which will be required to get the best possible
durability from the coating. If your car requires more polishing you will be charged an additional $110 per hour.

Duration: 1 day
Pricing from: $990

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This is our top shelf coating! Prior to application we prepare the surface by applying a layer of GYEON PRIMER, which enhances the surface for the best possible bond of the coating. We then apply one layer of Gyeon Q2 BASE which is cured using IR heat lamps. Being a pure Silazane coating, Q2 BASE is a real breakthrough with its hardness and thickness. After that we apply a layer of Q2 Flexi, which is a thick, flexible top coat. It adds outstanding gloss and incredible slickness. It also offers a very high contact angle which provides incredible hydrophobic (water beading) properties. This layer is also IR Cured to ensure maximum hardness before leaving our studio.

Pricing below does include polishing as required for new vehicles. If your vehicle is in a condition that is worse than expected you will be charged an additional fee, however this does not happen very often as this package is specifically designed for new vehicles:

Duration: 2 days
Pricing from: $POA


Unsure which package is suitable, contact us today to discuss what options would be suitable for your vehicle. We have a package to suit every type of car.

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