Porsche Paint Protective Solutions Showcase

Porsche drivers are known as the enthusiasts, they purchase with the intent on driving and enjoying their car. Whether its a drive down the winding roads South of Sydney to the Beach, to the Mountains in-land or up to North to the Vineyards. That racing legacy from Porsche turns into your ultimate drive whichever journey you choose to take.

With this in mind, our technician’s at Sydney Premium Detailing want to help make sure you protect the appearance and value of your Porsche. We offer a range of Protective Solutions for your Porsche whether it is the most recent GT2RS, 992 GT3RS, GT3 Touring or to the more classic 993 Turbo — we can install XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Paint Protection Film to help prevent common Stone-Chip damage to your Porsche’s paintwork; whether just your Front Bumper, Bonnet, Guards, Mirrors to complete Vehicle Coverage inc replacement of the thin factory ‘kidney’ protective film, we can safely say XPEL is the Porsche owners choice.

Having protected more than 30+ Porsche’s from different era’s, we can safely say we have worked on almost every type of Porsche including several and very limited GT2RS’ in Sydney. We are the experts in preservation and protection for your Porsche’s interior and exterior paintwork.

We settle for nothing less than perfection for our customers, with a solution for every customer and their Porsche we are happy to explain in detail the Paint Protection, Detailing & Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) options we have allow you to drive and enjoy your car worry free..

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Sydney Premium Detailing’s XPEL Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra/Stone-Guard) works as an invisible layer of armour over your Ferrari’s finish. ULTIMATE PLUS PPF is a virtually invisible, energy-absorbent polyurethane film is computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to your Ferrari, and then safely applied to the vulnerable painted surfaces offering up to 10 years of guaranteed protection. XPEL can be 100% safely removable on factory paint and provides all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking, yellowing, and blistering that can happen with other less-advanced films on the market that have not been tested as thoroughly as XPEL in Australia.


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GYEON quartz Ceramic Paint Protection Coatings are a clear, mixture of Silica or Polysilazanes liquid which crystallizes after the evaporation of the solvent and creates a solid layer on the surface. This layer is highly chemical resistant and once cured, it can be removed from the surface only by mechanical polishing. All protective coatings created by GYEON are based on SiO2, which is a guarantee for an exceptional resistance to chemicals of pH 2-11, as well as to other harmful substances present on the roads and in the atmosphere.

 GYEON have spared no expense to provide us with the most innovative solutions which will always provide exceptional results and satisfaction too our most fastidious customers.


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